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17/18/19 ___Being one - the secrets of thoth book 1

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 

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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT


Being one - the secrets of thoth 

book 1

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I - The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II - Metro 333 - Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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We, as Sublime Dimension, are a true reality and we can warrant it because we are the real

neurons of the universal mind. Our investigative task has been profound, precise and detailed.

We have made no mistakes, for our results are totally positive. Each discovery we made was

classified to perfection; we made no errors, due to the clarity of the knowledge and

understanding that we have always had. This perfect perception gave us a real consciousness,

unlike the others who had to develop themselves in the darkness of their ignorance, guessing,

attempting and groping like blind people, yet thinking they owned a truth which they themselves

had made up.

We are thoughts of thoughts, and each dimension of this creativity has a specific task. Together

we make up one body. Our forms may differ, but we are all very similar, because we belong to

the universal mind. There are other realities different from ours that do not belong to the mind.

Those realities are not conscious and they respond mechanically. We, who exist in the mind of

the universe, are the only ones who are conscious. We are neurons; some are aware and

others unaware, but all are working for our creator, the universal mind.

When we united forming the web, we did so with the idea that it would reach the confines of the

universe, but when we faced the dense reality, we realized that the lower reality was beyond our

reach. First we had to contact the densified levels and, through them, we would reach the

petrified and the solidified ones. We have made a great effort to reach density, which exerts

strong gravity. The lack of knowledge and understanding that engulfs densification is the main

cause for the impediments to communication.

The Elementary Dimension is still developing in darkness; Light does not reach its minds and

hearts. We are gradually knocking down the obstacles. Some of you have managed to contact

us and we are sending the Light of knowledge, understanding and love to your minds through

this contact. We know that you will get out of that density to become a part of us and of the


1. What does this web consist of?

All of us make up the mental worlds. We have a defined form which is the human form. In

Elementary Reality, just as it is with you, a human is divided into head, trunk and upper and

lower extremities. We, as sublime worlds, give our body corresponding names so that you may

understand and know them.

 Head: Power Head

 Trunk and upper extremities: Higher terminal

 Lower extremities: Lower terminal

Communication, continuity, and correlation were formed by a perfect energetic conduit that was

transmitted through extremely detailed channels, avoiding any error. These energetic channels

that conduct recorded energy go through specific filaments and they deposit the energy in their

respective terminals; they then convey them to the power heads. There, the energy is filed,

forming the Universal Memory. The continuity of that memory is called genetics, and it forms the

creative correlation. Whatever has been recorded remains so forever.

Recordings never retrogress; they always move ahead. The recording might be transformed,

but the original elements will always be the same, ever more perfect. The energetic conduit was

produced by three points: the pituitary, rima and pineal glands. This guided energy depended

on the knowledge received and on the elements it carried. The filaments transmitted this

knowledge to the terminals, which would absorb it and allocate it according to their classification

and organization.

2. Are you saying that all of us thought-beings are conduit filaments?

Yes, the human form was pondered, analyzed and created intentionally. When the elements

contained in it are of low quality, the energetic entrance takes place through the lower terminals.

If its energy is less dense, the higher terminals will pick it up. But if the energetic elements of

the human form are of higher quality, the power heads will be responsible for absorbing them.

3. What happens to the dense thoughts that contain low quality elements?

Nothing is useless in the universe; everything is energy, and energy is not wasted but only

transformed. In those cases, the lower terminals pick up that low quality energy, work on it, and

send it back as raw material to be re-recorded.

4. What do real and virtual realities mean?

Real is the existence in which, we, as Sublime Dimensions, live. We know where we are, who

we are, and what our task is – and we fulfill it with infinite love and dedication. We know that if

we did not accomplish it, everything that exists would cease to be, therefore, we ourselves

would be annihilated. A virtual reality lives, but it does not exist, because the darkness of its

ignorance will only allow it to survive for the appeasement of needs and not for the light of

knowledge and understanding. Its objectives are immediate, its projects, fantasy.

It struggles and lives for its basic needs and almost always ends up in self-destruction, chasing

pipe dreams that it considers to be real life. This type of thought-energy does not know its true

reality and is always found in dense and elementary reality with difficult access, such as yours.

5. Are you referring to us, who are from Planet Earth?

You are stationed in dense and fanciful reality. You evaded petrifaction and solidification. This

is why we work with you so much, because you are all gradually getting out of dense thoughts.

Your neurons are becoming sophisticated due to the great concentration of new elements that

flow in your atmosphere, elements that other dimensions send to help you. Many of you have

already awakened from fantasy and density; you are beginning to understand the directives of

the universe and the reason why you were created

6. What is true reality?

Thought-beings were not created for contemplation or for personal or individual fulfillment. We

form an all and should work together, for the good of own life and existence. When we say life,

we are referring to an authentic view of this all. We live and exist for the one mind; it created us

and we keep it alive. It is our home and we are neurons; we cannot deny this or fail to

recognize it. It is not up to us to want to take on other tasks.

Our task consists of maintaining this mind – that is, ourselves – in perfect conditions and

development. This must be done with the utmost conviction; it is our only reality, we do not have

any other. Wanting to accomplish other tasks means entering other levels and planes. One of

them could be a fantasy, and, if we got lost in it, we would enter fully the insane and unrealistic


Is this not the foremost knowledge – for us to perceive that, if we did not fulfill our task to the

best of our ability, we could destroy our own existence and consciousness, and, as a result, we

would turn into nothingness? We have to understand that to maintain the universal mind, and to

be this mind itself, is to strive for our own survival.

7. What is the spirituality of this entire process?

To maintain existence in a positive way means keeping it in good conditions, healthy, active,

dynamic, renovated, and filled with knowledge, understanding and love; because, by doing so,

we reflect the creator like a mirror. This is the spiritual truth. Rites, prayers, hymns, exercises or

mysticism will not save you. Those are expressions that you, humans, need in order to believe

that you are spiritualizing the dynamic of action. Spirituality is awareness of deeds, action, and

thought. It is the daily routine. It is elevating the energetic voltage that rests on the being’s

correlative sequences to become part of the all and for the all.

8. What new elements is our atmosphere picking up from other dimensions?

We have been with you, ever since the beginning of creation and conscious reality. We have

accompanied your evolution and depended on it to be able to communicate. We could not do

so before because your energetic neurons and filaments were not yet ready for the contact.

Through cerebral energetic elevation and evolution, we were able to achieve it. The telepathy

filaments of the right side of the brain have enabled us to reach you in order to send you much

information on all levels of universal knowledge. This is the only way that we have been able to

raise your energetic voltage, and some day we are going to be united through the power heads.

So far we are doing this through the higher terminals that you call spirit.

The new elements that you are receiving are:

 Universal knowledge

 Opening of the power heads through universal understanding

 Elevation of the mathematical sequence (new codes and unification of cerebral filaments

individually and collectively)

 Adequate energetic nourishment to cleanse the filaments

 Opening of the right side of the brain

 Detachment from elementary needs

 Real, not virtual, vision

 Light in your minds

 Nourishment from recorded nimeos that settle in your brain to open up consciousness.

9- What are the directives of the universe?

All of us are ideas and thoughts. The universal memory has accumulated so much information

that we would not be able to acquire it all at once; we would spend eternity attempting to know

and understand it. When we say that we want to communicate with you through the power

heads, it is to give you the opportunity to enter universal wisdom; and when this happens, you

will be able to know the directives of the universe. In the universe there are infinite norms and

codes based on order that will be carried out by universal knowledge and understanding. Each

dimension has its own directives, which bind the dimensions one to another.

They are numerical codes with genetic marks that interlock with the universal membrane. The

membrane studies, absorbs, and unifies them with other codes, which, in turn, incorporate

others, and so on infinitely. It is a mathematical process of modulation which eventually

becomes content of information and meaning that are distributed in order, according to the

intent for which they were created. It is classified information; it is the DNA of the universe.

10- When you say that we are all in a mind, I imagine an etheric reality, but here, in this

reality where we live, there is pain and suffering. For us, this is a tangible reality and I

cannot understand how we can be a fanciful reality.

You are in a fanciful reality because you have not yet focused your thoughts at a high voltage.

We are trying to help you realize that a low voltage tends to corrode and rust every effort that

you make. Any work you set out to do will be useless because fanciful energy tends to escape

through lower terminals, causing fatigue, wear and tear, sickness, ageing, and disintegration.

The energy leakage weakens the filaments, deteriorating and rusting them. The energy gets

stuck, does not flow, and because of this, it gets even denser, causing energetic deterioration.

This process is what you know as pain and suffering. Doesn’t the same thing happen when

blood thickens and does not flow through your bodies?

11. How can we avoid this waste of energy?

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Book 1:

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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it ... study it ... ...let go of old ideas and lessons the new  .

Being ONE


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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .


" I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you're sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. "


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.



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