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Dec 21


California Redwoods

Surrounded by trees, I hear the Quiet of the Nature all around me. It is a Quiet that is unavailable in the city, for it is a time warp. Nature exists before technology, before cell phones, WIFI, jet airplanes and the 24-hour electrical, environmental noise.

In the city, I am constantly in contact with this “noise” through the airwaves via my expanded perceptions. I did not recognize this noise until now, as slowly and silently, the electrical noise has interbred with my consciousness until it has become “normal.” Hence, it took three, maybe four, days in Nature before I could even hear the Quiet.

Actually, this Quiet is the language of the trees, but not just any trees, although, all trees speak a form of this language. This particular Quiet is the language of the Redwood trees, the oldest and largest trees on the body of Gaia. It is through these Redwoods that I can hear the True Language, a language not based on words, but based on tones of consciousness.

Now that I have spent a week in a sparsely populated area with few people, but a glorious abundance of trees, I can hear the True Language as transmitted by these ancient beings. The Redwoods are the remaining guardians of Lemuria.

Hence, these trees hold that vibration.

Los Angeles, where I live, holds the vibration of Atlantis as transmitted through the electric noise of a modern city near the ocean. This electric city speaks the Atlantian True Language, whereas the Redwood Trees of Gaia’s Nature speak the Lemurian True Language. When we re-enter the Corridor, we will revisit these ancient ancestors, as well as our even more ancient Galactic Family.

We will take this journey as ONE through the power of our Collective and Planetary Consciousness. In fact, we will take this journey via our Multidimensional Consciousness.

Through our multidimensional consciousness, we will remember and revisit our “past” so that we can better Know our “present.” We will go, also, into the “future” to see it as our “present.” In other words, we will transcend the concept of time and space that has been based upon that third dimensional illusion.

Together, via our united, multidimensional consciousness, we will enter the unknown. Of course, the “unknown” is only the “forgotten,” for we are great Multidimensional Beings who have the honor of being incarnated NOW to participate in Gaia’s great Planetary Ascension.

Together we will remember our True Language, which is the language of tones/frequencies of consciousness. Before we know it, our Internet will be out of date for we will remember how to speak and hear via the expanded perceptions.

This Language of our multidimensional consciousness is transmitted and received via Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.


The Internet has taught us that we can communicate by words and pictures with a person that we know only by their consciousness. Gender, culture, religion, age and economic status are unknown and unimportant. As we ground more and

more of our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life, we will remember that:

Consciousness IS Communication and

Communication IS Consciousness

It is through our consciousness that we truly communicate with the world that we accept as our reality. If our consciousness is restricted by the mundane actions of third dimensional life, then we can communicate only with that small fragment

of our total multidimensional reality.

Fortunately, as we expand our Personal Consciousness from our personal third dimensional reality to the Collective Consciousness of our fourth dimensional reality and into the Planetary Consciousness of our fifth dimensional reality, we can accept increasingly larger fragments of multidimensional reality as our “real world.” We can then cross the threshold into the Galactic Consciousness of our Star Ancestors, as well as our own alternate/parallel realities in which we have taken form on other planets, galaxies and dimensions.

My old friends, the redwoods, have reminded me of the True Language in which spirit (breath) moves through Form (matter). When we use our human language to speak, we allow our breath (spirit) to arise from our lungs (heart chakra) and move through the many articulators of our mouth, tongue and lips. The True Language is spoken through the trees as the wind (breath) moves through the trees (form). Each leaf is an articulator for the wind, just like our mouth, tongue and lips are the articulators for our breath.

This True Language of the ONE is transmitted by multidimensional light and unconditional love. The differing frequencies of light are the “articulators” which give meaning (words) to the unconditional love, which assures the listener that the message is Flowing from the ONE.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii

Posted 21st December 2011 by Juan Pablo

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