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Jan 2


We are NOW speaking to you from the eighth dimension surrounding our Homeworld on Arcturus.

Arcturus has long ago become fifth dimensional and beyond, but its third dimensional resonance still shines in your sky to remind you of our presence and guidance. However, our life forms no longer resonate to that frequency, as we only inhabit the higher planes. In preparation for your great planetary ascension, we have come to you to tell you more about life in a fifth dimensional reality.

Yes, Gaia will ascend, for we of the Galactic Federation will not allow it to be otherwise. Gaia is a cornerstone in the age-old plan of reformation for our Galaxy. We are determined to fulfill that plan and need our grounded ones to hold the TRUTH of Gaia’s ascension, as well as their own. Do you know that even when you are still attached to your physical reality, your thoughts and emotions are more powerful than you can imagine?

We wish to demonstrate your power by taking you on a tour of our world so that you can hold the vision of a fifth dimensional reality in your heart and mind. This vision will assist you to more completely believe in your SELF.
There are, of course, many planets in our Arcturian star system. Therefore, we will choose one, which in your language may be called Zantarius.

It is difficult to transmit the name correctly, as we no longer use verbal language, as you know it. When we send messages to our grounded ones, they come to them in a flash of light and sound, which may be perceived as an image much like our crop circles.

With practice, our grounded ones learn to transpose these colors of light and tones of sound into what you would call a word and/or transpose the image into an entire message.
The colors that you would see for the “word” Zantarius are a higher dimensional version of violet, green, magenta and gold. All of our planets end in Gold (the “ius” sound), as they are fifth dimensional and beyond.

The tones cannot be transmitted to you via the written page, but your imagination can hear them when you trust your Multidimensional SELF. We will take a moment to talk about color, as it is quite different in the higher frequency realities.
Again you will need to trust your imagination because your physical eyes cannot perceive these colors, they can only be seen with your fifth dimensional imagination.

The higher dimensional violet wavers with sparkling, silver light. The green has all the echoes of your most verdant forest, but with the overtones of aquamarine and silver. The magenta is the higher frequency of your red and is laced with oscillating light of silver/white. Finally, the gold is similar to your gold,
except that you can easily perceive the rays of golden light that surround and continually emanate from it.

Perhaps, one who is musical could transform these colors into flowing tones of sound to discover a truer representation of the name of this planet.

It is the combination of color and tone that is vital in the process of ascension. When you combine the emanations of the colors and tones and slowly raise their frequency of resonance, the higher harmonics of these colors and tones initiate your initial sensations of ascension.

You will see these lights and hear these tones within you consciousness, with the lights being more predominant in your opened Third Eye and the tones being more predominant in your High Heart. As you combine these colors and tones into a rhapsody of light and sound, you fully unite your Third Eye and High Heart to set your Merkaba spinning and your inner Lightbody glowing.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii
Posted 2nd January 2012 by Shanti
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