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▶ My dreams about Ashtar Sheran - CHILDREN AND ASCENSION ::: sharing

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Feb 11


The best way to help our children ascend is to re-unite with our own inner child. It is within our inner child that we can remember the purity and innocence of children. It is this purity and innocence that was damaged through our third dimensional challenges that will help us to guide our children. For one thing, the children that are coming in now have “written petitions and waited in line” to be born to an awakened parent. The privilege of having an awakened parent will allow them BE the illumined beings without suffering the ridicule that so many of us adults have suffered when we were too “different” to be acceptable. These children will not have to diminish their great abilities because they don’t want to be embarrassed and judged. Therefore, they can more easily go about the business of ascension, going Home, following their Angel or secret friend, as well as all the other Portal they will show to their parents.

I have heard much concern from parents that they do no want to leave their children to behind. What I have said is that it is more likely that the adults will have a hard time keeping up with their children. Instead of you leaving them, you will be following their lead. Because you loved your children and encouraged their free will, creativity and imagination, they are unencumbered by the limitations that we had to create for ourselves as a means of survival on a hostile planet. These blossoming beings will easily embrace that which we, as adults, have learned is “too weird.” Therefore, the first way to assist your child is to listen to what they are saying with your heart. Our minds often get too busy with the challenges of survival, but our hearts respond the love, even when it is non-verbal.

As I write this piece I will put down what I know from my years of experience. I will also ask the Arcturians, and likely Ascended Masters El Morya and St. Germain who have been kind enough to visit me lately. These two Masters where among my first teachers and have returned to my consciousness now that we are coming to the final act of a VERY long drama. We are all so fortunate to be alive at this time. We have, however, lived through the darkest of dark time, the Kali Yuga, which is the “darkest night that is just before dawn.” Our children, both our own inner child and our children, we assist us in our healing with their great innocence and purity of love.

Also, as you follow the lead of your children and communicate with the unseen world of the higher dimensions, you too will be able to “follow the Angels and your higher dimensional friends” as they guide you through this long awaited Personal and Planetary Ascension. In fact, I will begin now by modeling how I communicate with the higher worlds:

Dear ONE,

I woke up this morning with the beginnings of this message, but they were largely forgotten while I was writing the poem. However, I feel I needed to write it as a release from my third dimensional limitations and to re-connect with my inner child.

Our Dearest Suzille,

We are the Arcturians, and yes, you can hear El Morya and St. Germain speaking to you within the NOW of the ONE. However, typing on your 3D computer does limit you to one message at a time. On New Earth you will all have biological, quantum computers that will easily record and process all information in a multidimensional manner. Since you can only type one reply at a time (yes, time is the limitation) it is we the Arcturians to whom you are communicating.

We begin by confirming that unconditional love is that which bonds all ascended ones to their family. Today’s children are most fortunate. They will be among the first leaders of New Earth for they will have grown up in that rich and unconditionally loving environment. We, also, want to confirm your feelings that there is no need for the experience of disaster. You are returning to the higher frequency of your SELF, as are your children, so why would there be a need for disaster. Unfortunately, there are grounded ones who will need difficulty to arouse them from their sleep, but that is not the case for our ascending ones.

It is important to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality, and that your creative force is your thoughts and emotions. The thoughts and emotions that you allow to live in your heart and mind create your state of consciousness. If you allow fear-based thoughts and emotions to remain in your aura, the great creative multidimensional light through which Gaia is traveling will manifest that which you fear. On the other hand, if you remember to keep your heart and mind love-based, you state of consciousness, and your perceptions, will resonate to the upper fourth and fifth dimensional realities of unity, peace and love.

We understand that survival in your present time can be all encompassing. However, if you remember to call to the many higher dimensional Beings who are forever assisting you, they will hold a fifth dimensional energy shield around you whenever you temporarily allow your consciousness to drop into fear. Remembering to choose to do what you love, see who you love, be where you love and fill you life with love, will allow you to maintain that fifth dimensional energy field by yourself.

With the assistance of us, the many Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Master who are constantly on call to guide you, you can create a loving, smooth transition into your New Life.

We will return, for we are always with you,

The Arcturians

By Suzzane Lie, PhD
Posted 11th February 2012 by Shanti
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