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The Elohim – The Temple of Healing in Lofer, Austria ::: Ascension: 2014 or 2017? :::sharing

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The Elohim – The Temple of Healing in Lofer, Austria
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 2, 2014

Carla Thompson, October 2, 2014

October 1, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I have received this long message from the Elohim on September 27th and I know you will find it interesting as it concerns the Healing Temple in Lofer, Austria. There is a lot of information within this message that I will have to describe within the message itself, so as to better follow what I/they are trying to impart.

They are stressing once again the importance of using the Gold-Violet flame [and this may be a Violet-Gold flame, depending on the predominant colour for each one of us, and both have the same effect]. As this flame is brought in and flooded into the living Gaia, we are fully contributing to the rectification of the old ways and moving healing energies into the New Earth. The Elohim are repeating this information for a reason, so I am sure it is necessary to share it once again. I have recently received a message from Saint Germain pertaining to the Violet flame, and I will also insert this into this message, so that everyone is current with the information we have been provided.

With love,


“Greetings Beloved, we are the Elohim!

Great changes in the energetic structures of Mother Earth dictate new changes to each and every Human expression upon her uppermost plane [her highest fourth dimensional expressions where all light warriors slated for ascension now reside, note Carla].

The Creationary Power of the Violet-Gold Flame

The energetic re-structuring first comes from a flooding of the Violet and Gold Flames upon the Third Dimensional expression, triggering a newly initiated action within the crystalline light-bed infrastructure encircling Mother Earth. The crystalline light-bed expression is enhanced in terms of intensity and power arising from this all-divine creative energy now flooding the new galaxy, and finding its way here, to you and Beloved Gaia!

As you [Georgi and me] and all Beings of Light accept your role as lightwarriors of the New Earth, Gaia 5, you shall all integrate the Violet Flame, meld it with your White-Gold energies, the energies of the Christ Consciousness, and you are then blessed with the full power of the divine Violet-Gold flame.

The Violet Flame is from the Great Central Sun, and Beyond. It represents the full expression of the Divine Will of God-Source and how through it’s perfection one can completely experience one’s wholeness, as an omniscient and omnipotent Being. [Here, the Elohim are stressing the invocation of the Gold-Violet/Violet-Gold Flame because as I see it, it is with this flame that comes our great power. It is with this flame that we move the ascension of Gaia forward, because as holders of this flame, we each anchor it into the crystalline grids as we walk upon the Earth, moving the high frequencies into the Grids, and eliminating the lower vibrational elements as we do this. The power of our invocations is fuelled by our clear intentions for divine perfection and cannot be underestimated.]

As each of you regularly visualize and USE the Violet and Violet-Gold Flames, you are anchoring these energies into the crystalline grid of the physical – ethereal expression of Mother Earth – Gaia. The frequency carried through the Violet and Gold flames is extremely high and refined and it acts to remove all stray lower vibrating energies associated with lower emotions and negative thought patterns, each stemming from the emotional pain body and mental body of the human being. These energies are meant to be carried by each and all who read this message. By doing it daily, you too are contributing to the ascension through the purification of the vibration on whichever timeline you each represent. [Here I was shown an "ascending" grid, with us attached via our violet-gold standing waves, and ascending with it].”

St Germain on the Violet Flame

Here, as an adjunct to this message from the Elohim, is an excerpt from a personal message of Saint Germain that I recently received, and that I will insert here to underline the importance of using this flame:

“The Violet Flame is the most powerful of all flames within our Universe. It can re-order the physical, ethereal, mental and emotional bodies in a purely alchemical fashion. It is an intelligent fire – I could even go so far as to say that it is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent – like God – for indeed it is God’s energy, in all it’s purity and magnificent wonder! Such a powerful fire as to be able to re-set the path of any thought, any emotion, on the way to a perfectly divine ordinance, wherein the perfection of the soul’s expression enjoins in perfect harmony with the Divine Will of God!”

The Elohim message continues:

“The Ascension presses on like a lotus flower that is continually opening, spreading it’s beauty for all to see, moving along a pathway of whole perfection within the expression of the Divine Will of God-Source. As the increasing energies flood through your world and into the crystalline grid, great passageways are primed for newly evolved expressions to manifest across all worlds, each of a new Light.

The Healing Temple in Lofer, Reatia, the New City of Light

The Healing Temple of Lofer, Raetia, exists in varying degrees of completion from fully completed in the lower Fifth Dimension to early forms upon the upper Fourth Dimensions [I am shown 12 levels of 4D, and by "upper" 4D I see levels 8 through 12, just for our linear demonstration and understanding]. Each level’s degree of completion is reliant upon the level of acceptance and implementation of the Universal Law, as the Universal Law is the foundation for these temples.

The Healing Temple in the Crystal City of Light, Lofer, is uppermost in your mind now, and this is because you are moving frequently into this expression, several times each minute, when you think about it. This Healing Temple now exists in a Fifth Dimensional expression, and you and others have created it from the moment you physically stepped foot there upon the ground [This was in November of last year, when we drove there upon your suggestion. You have since spoke about perhaps the most important creationary moments when you lived in Lofer and when you were channeled with the Universal Law in the 1990's. This is when you no doubt created the foundation for the coming Crystal City of Light in Lofer ]. Much of the formulation and energetic structuring was created during that stay (in November 2013) and since your departure, much has been created and the evolution has been rapid and of a beautiful nature.

There are many areas within the Temple, including an area for reclamation of each body system, starting with the physical bodies and continuing with the emotional, mental and ethereal bodies. The physical body healing takes place on a lower dimension and upon lower timelines of the fourth dimension, and as one moves multi-dimensionally, fourth dimension to fifth dimension, the refinements increase until all is balanced in perfection. The crystalline grid in the area of Lofer is also multi-dimensional and holds the key to the power of natural healing in the area.

We are the Elohim, and we are with All of you now, and for ever, flooding you with our infinite love and ceaseless compassion in this Now Moment!”

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Ascension: 2014 or 2017?

Posted by Steve Beckow

I’m posting a short note here based on my reading Sunday with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon. I asked him if we’re to think that Ascension won’t happen until 2017, based on Matthew Ward’s last message of Sept. 23. (1) Let me record that discussion.

Steve Beckow: Now Ascension was supposed to happen by the Fall. That was several days ago. Why did it not happen, Lord?

Archangel Michael: It is already underway. You are feeling it.

SB: Well, yes.

AAM: You are asking about the snap?

SB: Yes. The ignition, right, yes.

AAM: The humans are not yet fully ready.

SB: OK. That’s good. But Matthew seemed to imply that Ascension would not happen till 2017. That is not the case, right?

AAM: That is what you can think of as Phase 2, when the full awareness is anchored within everybody.

SB: So now the full awareness is Sahaja Samadhi.

Let me pause here and explain Sahaja Samadhi.

Sahaja occurs when the kundalini doubles back from the crown chakra to the spiritual “heart,” or Hridayam. In actual fact, the Hridayam is not the heart but an opening the size of a pinprick that remains closed until Brahmajnana, at which point it opens but closes again.

When the Hridayam opens permanently, Sahaja occurs. Sahaja is moksha or liberation from the need to be reborn into the physical realm. The actual heart is the same as the Self, Atman or Christ. When the Hridayam opens permanently, the individual and the Self are united and are never thereafter not dis-united. Sahaja is the enlightenment of the “deep” Fifth Dimension.

AAM: Well now it won’t be that extreme. It will be what you can think of as your Golden Age.

SB: Right. Has it an enlightenment correlate?

AAM: Yes.

SB: So is it Brahmajnana?

AAM: Yes.

Let me pause again and explain Brahmajnana.

Brahmajnana or God Realization occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra. It’s a temporary and not a permanent heart opening, accompanied by bliss and expanded knowledge of Self. Brahmajnana is a step along the way to liberation. Attainment of it is called being “halfway up the mountain.”

In Zen phraseology, at first mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. This statement refers to our ordinary state of awareness. When mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers refers to Brahmajnana, the major awakening that most sages possess. When mountains become mountains again and rivers become rivers refers to Sahaja.

Our vasanas persist until Sahaja. Brahmajnana does not reduce our vasanas to ashes. Only Sahaja does.The fact that our vasanas don’t disappear upon attainment of Brahmajnana explains why so many “enlightened” sages still get caught in the various traps of worldly involvement: their vasanas have not yet been fully eradicated.

Let’s pick up our reading again.

SB: Ohhhhh, 2017 will be Brahmajnana. When will Sahaja occur?

AAM: Shortly thereafter.

SB: Ahhhhh. Well, I’ll be darned. So ignition is going to be fairly soon, is that correct?

AAM: Ignition is well underway. Think of it as you being on the launchpad.

SB: OK. OK. Oh, gee, that’s so interesting.

So Ascension into the Fifth – that is, full entry into the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension, which I’ve called on various occasions, the vestibule or waiting room – will occur soon. It’s already underway.

At this point, we’re like the guests who are inside the house and taking off their coats. But they haven’t yet entered the living room and joined the party, so to speak. That occurs in 2017.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Sept. 23, 2017, at at

* * *

Scotland election; 2017; pessimism in media reporting; message information sources; activity in Earth’s energy field of potential, linear time; Robin Williams; suicide; Islam, Christianity; ISIS; labels
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. In addressing readers’ most recent questions, we cite one that is the essence of all: Was Scotland’s rejection of independence a setback for world progress? We don’t see it that way. We see as progress that there was an election, that the citizens of Scotland could, and did, peaceably make their case for sovereignty. Although the outcome disappointed forward-looking Scots, their forceful call for independence made clear to the government of Britain that there must be changes in their relationship not only with the people of Scotland, but also of Wales and Ireland.
For the moment it remains to be seen how quickly the proposed changes will come about and to what extent they will satisfy the citizens of those countries. In the longer term, governmentally-imposed regulations, restrictions, penalties and tax levies will cease everywhere. All of Earth’s peoples will know their divinity in the Oneness of All, their innate knowledge and powers as multidimensional beings, and everyone will respect the sanctity of everything within Creation.
We have been asked time and again why some off-planet sources give a timeframe for the occurrence of one thing or another and we do not. First, we urge you to be very discerning about channeled information, particularly announcements of NESARA or sudden wealth. And be aware that some information that purportedly is channeled actually is written and disseminated by individuals to intentionally misinform, discourage or frighten readers.
Now then, one reason we aren’t comfortable giving a time is the difficulty of putting into your linear construct something that exists in the continuum. We shall come back to that, but first we want to speak about our other reason because it is by far the more important. Your expectation of a specific happening sends forth positive energy that is tied to a certain time; if nothing significant is evident then, the energy turns into disillusionment, discouragement or even anger, and that vibratory downturn further delays the projected happening.
That said, we happily tell you that the decade of delay in your society’s advancement will end in your year 2017, a most propitious timeframe indeed with a celestial window similar to the one during the December 2012 solstice that eased Earth into fourth density. Your concept of time actually is energy in motion, and since Earth’s ascension route is into successively higher, or lighter, energy planes, the few interim years will pass with increasing speed. And, ever-heightening vibrations along the way will enable expanding realization of soul-level knowingness and powers of manifestation that you will heartily welcome.
This departure from our usual reluctance to mention a time is only in small part because the planetary alignment in 2017 is a given. Much more so, beloved family, it’s because your optimism and enthusiasm about Earth’s future will counterbalance the negativity of mainstream media’s reports on the Ebola epidemic, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq’s tenuous new government, the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and especially at this time, efforts to halt the advancement of ISIS forces in Syria.
We aren’t underestimating the seriousness of those situations by saying that the repetitious films and reports with dire-sounding outlook are evoking the fear and pessimism that keep the populace constrained in third-density mentality. For instance, the projected three-year or longer effort to eliminate ISIS—it needn’t take that long!—and an Ebola epidemic that is out of control—it isn’t!
Despite media’s loss of credibility to some degree, the vast majority of Earth’s peoples believe “expert” assessments because they don’t know what you do. They don’t know that the circumstances they worry about would run their courses much more rapidly if positive energy streamers were propelling them. They don’t know that today’s mayhem is offering many millions the opportunity to complete third density karma, attain balance and evolve. They don’t know that they chose to be on Earth so they can participate in everything that is transpiring or that the outcome will be Earth’s Golden Age in full flourish.
We aren’t suggesting that you attempt to change anyone’s mindset—the pace of growing in conscious and spiritual awareness is every soul’s God-given right. It is that the light in your positive thoughts and feelings radiates out into the world and hastens the ending of all fighting, hardships and suffering. Light—love!—is the key to peace, health and prosperity.
A reader who interpreted “reference library” in a previous message to be our knowing “everything there is to know” asked why we attributed to colleagues in Nirvana what we stated about the Malaysian aircraft that was shot down in Ukraine. We did so because they were the source—and our knowledge base grows continuously. Some information comes from individuals in Nirvana who monitor happenings on Earth and some from highly-evolved souls in other spirit worlds, God, members of advanced civilizations, universal councils and master teachers.
We also derive information by observing Earth’s energy field of potential, which reflects the collective consciousness of all her residents—people, animals, plants and the Devic kingdom—and we report the field’s most significant activity at the time of our messages. But because every resident’s thoughts, feelings and actions affect the ebb and flow of energy, a situation may change considerably before our subsequent message.
Energy streamers influencing a situation may have strengthened and turned a possible outcome into a probable outcome. A situation that was developing into a probability may have reverted to a possibility because its streamers weakened. A surge of energy may have entered an area where movement had been barely perceptible. The intensifying momentum behind what had appeared to be a highly likely outcome may have fizzled completely because a strong burst of energy sideswiped it. Absolute certainties—predestined outcomes—are extremely rare, and Earth’s ascension out of third density and continuing to her destination in fifth is among the very few exceptions to energy’s vagaries.
At the moment the energy field is rife with activity. New energy streamers are emerging, some are changing directions, some are gaining momentum, some are dwindling to mere wisps; and all of the continuous movement is maneuvered by your collective thoughts, feelings and free will choices. This is why, even though the ultimate outcome of everything underway is known in the continuum because it is predestined, it isn’t possible to pinpoint in linear time exactly when a specific happening will manifest.
Occasionally a person’s passing touches the heart of the world, and so it is with Robin Williams. Our colleagues in Nirvana told us that a throng of thousands gathered to greet this soul who had given pleasure to so many during his Earth lifetime, and we hasten to assure readers who wrote that they prayed he wouldn’t be “penalized” for ending his life—he will not be.
Let us speak first about entry into Nirvana. The soul is liberated from the etheric body and the psyche, which arrive in the same condition as when the person left physical lifetime. Robin’s psyche was beset with such pervasive, painful depression that eventually it took control; he thought that only by ending his life could he escape the intolerable agony. His traumatized psyche needed to be healed, and this came with customized care and constant attention in one of Nirvana’s specialty areas that can be likened to your hospitals’ ICUs.
Our colleagues report that Robin’s psychic healing was swift due to cellular patterning of lifetimes in advanced civilizations, he had completed all major contract provisions and depression was not a contract choice, he is in the company of friends and family from his immediate past and previous lives, and he is joyously experiencing other wondrous aspects of life in Earth’s spirit world. We add our own knowledge, that lighted beings throughout the universe honor this highly evolved soul who had chosen to be generous in spirit, energy and resources and by far exceeded even that extraordinarily grand measure.
As for suicide’s pertinence to all souls, I asked my mother to give you the information I gave her many years ago. [The following is the “Suicide” chapter in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven.]

Matthew, are people who die by suicide treated differently from the others?

Yes and no. They are given the same personal, loving reception as all other arrivals, and every effort is extended to assist in their healing and adjustment just as it is with all other traumatized souls who need customized treatment. However, they enter at a special treatment station because their traumas need a unique kind of maximum care.

I know you have heard that people who take their own lives face a punishing form of spirit life, but instinctively you doubt this is so. You are right, it is not so. It isn't fair or reasonable to lump all suicides into one category with one exacting judgment for all to face up to.

In some cases the cause of suicide is severe body chemistry imbalance that impairs sound decision-making. In other cases, what you call insanity leads to suicide. Some people act out of extreme depression, perhaps due to loss of someone they considered vital to their lives, and depression takes over their rational thinking. Some take their lives on foolish dares, not believing the risk would result in death. Others act in despair of the moment rather than give the spirit time to be strengthened. Some end their lives to end intractable pain. None of those is more reason for harsh judgment than death attributed to heart failure or a broken neck.

Some people in relatively sounder condition consciously decide to end their lives. For some, this is in total capitulation to a series of adverse events, sometimes to provide for their families in the only way they feel is left to them, insurance money. Other people conclude that they cannot deal with situations they find too difficult or unsavory—perhaps their marital infidelity or financial or political corruption has been discovered, or they have been discredited by their peers. These calculated cases also are very sad because those people really don't wish to leave the whole of their Earth life, only those aspects they see as so overwhelming that in their opinion, death is the only remedy.

Whatever their reason, people who commit suicide review their Akashic records with the same self-assessment and next lifetime planning process as any other soul. It is true that they incur an accumulated lesson by having to repeat all the lessons they chose but didn't complete, but there is no punishment or heavy karma levied due to self-inflicted death. Intent, or motive, is the basis for all determinations of self-judgment, and those people need not judge themselves any more severely than any others in this realm.
Thank you, Mother. Now then, readers in Europe have written concerns about the Muslim population in a number of their cities. Dear ones, they are not there to cause you unrest! They have responded to soul-level guidance to become acquainted with new geographic areas, cultures and philosophies; and because adjusting to dramatic newness isn’t an overnight feat, their clinging to what is familiar—their kinsmen, attire and religious traditions—is natural. They aren’t the only ones choosing to migrate, but they may be the most obvious. And, just as in any population, some individuals behave badly, and long-time residents in the area may mistakenly ascribe that behavior to all persons in the new population.
To readers who are endowing all Muslims with the same radical religious views as ISIS, or ISIL, we say: Please don’t! Some of you cited passages in the Quran that permit, even advocate killing your enemies. The Bible has a plethora of that same kind of material, and both books dreadfully distort the faiths’ original tenets.
For instance, the biblical reference to “born into sin”—not to mention the claim that Jesus died to save sinners!—is a grievous departure from ancient records of Jesus’ teachings. He taught that “sin” is but an error in judgment, and the only error is interfering with the growth of the soul, one’s own or another’s.
The ingredient of every soul is the pure love energy essence of Creator and this is the makeup of all newborns. When individuals are indoctrinated from infancy onward in hatred, vengeance and killing in the name of a religion, they are drawn to groups like ISIS. Thus, even though that militant force may think it is acting upon religious principles, it is not. It is acting out the result of minds inculcated with the right and responsibility to brutally defend and promulgate their beliefs, however in error those are.
It was much the same with Christianity. Consider the Inquisition, the Crusades, the persecution of indigenous peoples in Latin America by the Catholic conquistadores. Later, in the land that became the United States, Christians annihilated bison herds to deprive the native population of their source of sustenance and they reduced that population by massacres and disease.
Beloved family, all of your religions that began in the purity of spiritual truths departed from their beginnings to some extent, and the greatest deviations are in Islam and Christianity. Most karmic lessons incurred by generation after generation after generation stemmed from what was done in the name of religion, the most divisive, destructive aspect of life on Earth.
The process of world transformation and spiritual renewal is bringing to an end what long ages ago the darkness imposed upon hearts and minds: Fear or scorn whatever is different—destroy what you fear, disrespect and discriminate against differences you deem inferior. To insure that this would take firm hold within humankind, the darkness implanted the idea of labels to denote differences. Thus society came to regard—and often judge—individuals in accordance with their religious, national, cultural, ethnic, political, governmental, ideological, racial, professional, traditional, financial or social status.
We call you lightworkers—is that not also a label that designates a difference from those who are not? It is, but never is the intention separateness from other souls, much less elevation above any. Lightworker is knowing who you are—an inseparable part of God and all other souls—and what you are doing—sending forth the light that is freeing Earth’s peoples from those divisive constraints so that everyone can live together peacefully, respectfully, cooperatively and harmoniously. All souls on the planet will be living within the light, wherein labels have no place.
With unconditional love, we are at your side all along your ascension pathway.
* * *
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