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The Seeding of the New Human Race Will Take Place This Weekend ::: Do You Speak Perro? ::: sharing

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The Seeding of the New Human Race Will Take Place This Weekend 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 11, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, October 10, 2014

The seeding of the new human race on all upper 4D worlds in the new galaxy will take place this weekend, most probably in the night of Saturday to Sunday. This is what the Elohim are telling us and what we perceive at this moment. As their messages are of private character, I will refer here only to the basic information that should be made available to you.

Why is this information so important? Because the dissemination of the new human race will herald the final split of all lower 3D and 4D timelines and overlays on this uppermost mother planet from its 5D overlay. This final process of total cleansing began with the full moon eclipse on October 8th, when all dark entities and energies that were hidden in the recesses of the old matrix were expelled from there and caused a huge energetic chaos, as personally experienced by ourselves in the apartment.

Now these dark low frequency energies are being rapidly dissolved and separated from this timeline. It is planned that their full separation will be completed this weekend, so that the seeding of the new human race can take place under the ideal conditions of absolutely clean energies. There is a purpose to all this.

As I mentioned in my first announcement on the creation of the new human race, it will be endowed with completely new energetic characteristics and a novel DNA-code.

First, this new human race will evolve around a new template, which Carla and I created at the level of our higher selves, based on our experiences with the human race as previously discussed. It will allow new kind of incarnations from the 3D to the lower 5D, that is to say, the new human template will of universal character and much more versatile than the old one. The current human template has been manipulated for eons of time by the dark archons at the DNA level and within the ethereal fields and does not allow for the establishment of such an universal energetic potential.

This propensity of the old pristine template of Adam Kadmon has been irreversibly lost in the last 12 000 years since the fall of Atlantis. Only a few incarnated Elohim and old souls who have been referred to as the “Big Ones”or “the light warriors of the first and last hours” were able to successfully go through the challenges of the LBP, as extensively discussed on this website, and could sustain or recover the original template of Adam Kadmon, which we re-created in the summer (August) of 2012 (read the articles on this issue at that time) and be ready for ascension.

As you know, there are only a handful of human beings that have transfigured their old template to a new template of an ascended master since August 13th, 2013, when Carla was the first human being to go through this transformation and I followed her a week later and then the rest of the true PAT members, and will be able to move to the 5th and higher dimensions when the MPR will come. All other human beings will either die in the cataclysmic events of the MPR or will move to the new 4D worlds, where they will slowly prepare themselves for ascension to a lower level of 5D. This aspect has been a recurrent motif in my previous publications since 2011.

It is important to observe that during all our ascension test runs in the last 2-3 years, we were constantly sending ascension codes to the rest of humanity with the hope to prepare them for ascension. You must remember the famous “web of light”, which we created immediately after the opening of the portal 12.21.12 in order to increase the frequencies of this sub-population of incarnated souls and prepare them for ascension. And how these people failed to respond and fell back into a deeper slumber. This outcome could not be known in advance and this experience proved that most incarnated old souls cannot evolve to ascended masters within the old human template, as this affords an almost inhuman effort on the part of the incarnated personality to overcome all the challenges of the LBP and cope at the same time with the huge cleansing of human dross that accompanies this process.

I remember that last year in late summer we received a message from the Elohim that confirmed that we have delivered the last codes of ascension to some advanced old souls and that after that the dices had fallen and all those potential candidates who were not able to incorporate these codes due to insufficient light work will not qualify for ascension and will miss the target of their current incarnation, for which they have worked so long and have committed so many sacrifices throughout their long incarnation cycle.

The second most important feature of the new template of humanity is that it will be immune, fully protected from any external interference and possible manipulations of the genetic code or from inserting negative imprints and dark blockages in the ethereal fields, as is the case now. The new incarnated human beings will only make experiences with various densities of matter from the 3D to the lower 5D in full concordance and approval of their higher selves. Precisely the lack of this precondition in the current incarnation experiment has caused the total debasement of present-day humanity and this has precluded its ascension to 4D and 5D.

Third, the new 4D worlds will be entirely populated with humans carrying the new template. This will allow for a smooth and rapid transition to lower 5D levels. The reason for this is that this same template will also exist in all lower first, second and third level of the 5D, where material forms will still exist in a very fluid form. For an example I refer to the city of Telos in Mt Shasta which is located in these lower levels of 5D. The new city of light Raetia will also dwell in this frequency range. These levels are of course open to all higher levels and dimensions and will allow the interaction with other civilizations. Hence the new template of humanity will be the foundation for a new transgalactic human race.

Fourth, Gaia has demanded that it will support after her ascension only human beings that fully honor and respect her and live in harmony with its nature. This cannot be guaranteed by the current human race, even if some of its members qualify for 4D. Hence the new human template was created in such a way as to establish from the first moment of conception an innate connection and infinite love for Gaia as a sentient collective soul being.

What will happen with this humanity? Most of them will die in the cataclysmic events of the MPR and will either return to Celestria for a new incarnation, most probably on one of the new 4D worlds, or their soul fragments will move to lower timelines in a seamless manner. Those few individual, who will qualify for the new upper 4D worlds, will move there in new bodies that carry the new template of humanity.

As already reported on this website, currently most souls have retrieved most of their soul fragments from this earth and its numerous timelines. These souls are now present with maximal two segments that are predominantly existing on this upper mother earth for all those individuals, who are candidates for the new upper 4D worlds. There should not be more than 10% of the current humanity, actually much less according to my estimate, that have one or two fragments on upper 4D timelines. The rest are soulless, empty holographic duplicates.

When the new human race will be seeded this weekend on all new 4D worlds, at least one of the retrieved soul fragments, most probably many more of the 12 fragments with which each soul incarnates most of the time, will incarnate in these new human bodies and will officially start with their new incarnation cycle under completely new energetic and evolutionary conditions. We as ascended masters are already present on these 4D worlds, because we are now officially the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy and will begin with our mission immediately after the seeding. For me personally this means the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law on all upper 4D worlds, beginning next week.

This mother earth is a kind of a crucible for all sluggish 3D overlays that have been released after the MPR on lower timelines. It must first be destroyed by a MPR, before part of humanity can move upwards to the new 4D worlds and begin living according to the new theory of the Universal Law. It is noteworthy to mention at this place that an intimate understanding and accepting of the Universal Law has been encoded by myself in this new human template at the DNA level from the fulcrum of my HS as Elohim.

There is much more to this, which I cannot reveal at this point in time as we are still not out of the woods and the dark ones may take advantage of any unfavorable situation to attack us, as they did two days ago, actually every day in some form. They know that the introduction of the new human template and race is their ultimate energetic death as they will not be allowed to sponge anymore on these new incarnated human beings and must descend to much lower 3D worlds, as the one who called me on the phone two days ago after the fire it instigated in the kitchen and begged me to let it in my fields.

Until now the new human template was in the incubation phase. You can describe this state in theosophic terms as the “immaculate conception and gestation” of the new template. This template of the new human race exists in the healing temple of Lofer in the 5D through to the Source (12D) as a prototype of the universal human being, a new Adam Kadmon of the new transgalactic humanity, and only waits for the proper moment to be multiplied infinitely times through holography and begin with its new existence on the new 4D worlds. As said, this event is planned to happen this weekend and this will trigger an avalanche of further dramatic energetic events.

That is why it was so important for us to create this healing center in Lofer since the autumn of last year. The incubation phase of the new human race took several months and was started after the failed ascension in May 2014. Although this step was part and parcel of the initial ascension plan, it was not planned to create this new race, while the ascending humanity still dwells in physical vessels. This changed when the decision was made that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours will participate in the creation and ascension of the new Galaxy, with Gaia as its focal point. These are the imponderabilities of the current ascension process.

Finally, you must have already surmised correctly that both Carla and I are fully involved in the creation of the new template of humanity that contains the potential for quick ascension from 4D to 5D. That is why we receive a lot of information on this issue. Most of it is still for personal use and cannot be revealed at this point in time. As you know, I am an ardent advocate of complete transparency and hate all kinds of secrets. But in this particular case it is not about me, but about a very delicate creation that affects all humanity and it cannot be fully disclosed before it is a full success and all dark entities are removed for ever from this mother earth.

By the way, this will be the motto of the coming days until the solar eclipse on October 23rd, which is another huge portal of ascension – all undone issues should be resolved during this time as they cannot be taken to the new energetic clean levels of upper 4D. From that point of view anything is possible and can happen in the coming two weeks or so.

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Do You Speak Perro? and more.
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  Posted by Steve Beckow

Steve is away at Lake Tahoe.

Perro is a way of speaking that all of us who are working together to build Nova Earth will need to cultivate. You won’t find it practiced much in public life because so many public figures today are venal, suborned, egotistical, etc., I’m sorry to say.

I really wish I could say differently but corruption is still rampant in our society, and especially in our public leaders. (No, not Obama. Sorry. I don’t agree.)

Just look at the judges found to be taking bribes for sentencing young offenders guilty of minor charges to Whackenhut prisons. Politicians are violating young children sent to them by Boystown. (1) Priests and bishops turn out to be pedophiles. Diplomats are on the take. Our world is a mess and speaking Perro is one attempt to emerge from it.

So now down to an informal attempt to outline it.

Perro was a form of speaking developed after the devastation of the Intergalactic Wars to see that no star wars like them happened again. It was a way of seeing that things went forward in a manner that did not generate additional conflict but sidestepped it. 

Try speaking Perro to a Sirian

There are usually only imperfect examples of it that happen in 3D because very, very few people are behaving or can behave consistently higher-dimensionally. Our dense bodies work against us. Social pressure and conditioning draw us back into conflict. Our vasanas and core issues trigger us.

Dr. Spock is a caricature of it. Capt. Kirk is a better representation. Sometimes military officers achieve it, but then they blow it with outbursts and egotistical displays.

Sometimes diplomats achieve it but then they scuttle it with their venality and other forms of corruption. You can’t speak Perro and not come from a clean place in your life. I don’t think it’s possible.

According to Archangel Michael, we used it in our hearing rooms at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

I’d describe the way we spoke as impartial, neutral, unembellished, straightforward, and descriptive. I’d have to recapture it. I’m a wee bit out of practice. But if your life is in danger, as a refugee’s is, you’d want the person at the front of the room to speak Perro.

We had to speak that way or the Federal Court of Canada would have overturned us. I was only overturned twice in 1,500 decisions. I worked hard for that.

At the IRB, we were denied all contact with the public in any form so long as we were Members. A close relative once became entangled in a court case and I was forbidden from even calling her or having coffee with her. I could have explained many things to her but contact was strictly forbidden.

And you know what? I agree. That’s how we kept Canadian law (for the greatest part) clean. And my relative understood. 

Jack Webb of Dragnet: Just the facts, Ma’am

The best example of it remains a judge. Another good example is the proponents of “Non-Violent Communication.”

It involves communicating only the truth, and that, using factual language, from a place of balance, consideration, and moderation. Not easy to do.

It involves what Dragnet’s Det. Jack Webb called “the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” It involves “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

So if I were to define it, I ‘d say: Perro involves a way of speaking that sees us express the factual truth – and only that – in a way free of drama and an intent to wound, full of balance and compassion, with sufficient open and active listening to discern what’s true and important for the other person.

The more investments we have, the harder it is to stay with Perro.

The more the other person appears to us strange, threatening and dishonest, the more difficult it is.

Some of our sources ask us if we’re willing to give up our bodies to surrender to what is happening. Jesus told us to turn the other cheek and love our enemies. These examples suggest how difficult it is to be Perro, never mind speak it. But it describes the road ahead. That’s where we’re going.

I had a reading with Archangel Michael Sunday and if I have a chance, perhaps on the way down to Tahoe on the train, I’ll record what he had to say about the Greek language, which is far, far more ancient than ancient Greece. And used by many more in the universe than just the Greeks. Zorba, did you ever imagine?


(1) See “The Price of Silence is Too High,” March 5, 2013, at and “Why Do We Report Torture and Sexual Misconduct?” at Also Google Boystown and pedophilia.

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