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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo
Sin entendimiento,  no existo
sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 

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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 
without unconditional love , I am NOT

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PLANET 3.3.3.

Book 2

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I - The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II - Metro 333 - Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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The cremation of a physical body does not allow for the time needed for the energy (soul) that gave life to that being, to exit, cluster and set out on its path.

 Fire will immediately expel the energy from the body. The energy then will find itself drifting without knowing what is happening to it.

We can compare the traumatic disembodying of these energies to those who die in tragic accidents. In these delicate cases, the energy that detaches from the matter and psyche is received and sheltered by the brain of the planet. It is treated and then sent to a new life to be able to get over it.

This is why we do not recommend cremation. 

However, if this is done for lack of knowledge or through ignorance, we try to control the situation until you understand it.

333. Does it mean that physical and psychic energy that remains in the body sees and feels its putrefaction and decay? 

No, that is not so.

334. Then, if this is not the case, why can we not cremate that body if the energy no longer lives in it?

...Thought-energy does not live in it, but the creatures that always coexisted with the material body do.

 It is a question of the 
 evolutionary chain. In that putrefied and decayed body, there are creatures that fed off it in the microcosm of its existence.

 They will continue feeding off it as they had always done and in time, when they no longer have any food, they will disincarnate and look for another physical body to continue living.

 We have to understand that the soul exists in the macrocosm and also in the microcosm. 

There is a very strong bond that links the collective soul of the universe. It is a single energy that is manifested in millions of levels. 

335. How can apparitions, phantoms and ghosts be explained?


...This is the energetic bond that we are referring to. When a thought-energy that lived totally attached to physical needs and pleasures disembodies, this thought-energy is deeply bonded with the creatures that coexisted with it. The energy of these creatures forms the lowest level of energy of the soul of the one who died. While the discarnate thought-energies link to others that drift the environment looking for a new body in which to incarnate, the degraded soul of that creature keeps the memory of the last physical form in which they dwelled. These are the ones that haunt and project the image that gave them life. 

They will remain that way for a while until the time comes when their energy breaks away and joins others that drift in the environment, to seek together a new physical body to incarnate and continue their lives.

 This is the lowest expression of the collective soul.

336. Why are there currently so many cases of brain tumors? (Peru)

...Tumor.: Pathological alteration of an organ or part of it, produced by the abnormal proliferation of cells that compose it. 

Tumors have many causes, such as poor nutrition, psychological alterations, defective electro-
energetic system, energetic variations and alterations, change of behavior, chemical transformations of the cells, modifications and mutations, inherited disorders and disruptions, etc.

Medicine on the planet still lacks the knowledge to define precisely the type of tumor and its causes. Medicine generalizes the classification of the tumor based on overall characteristics.

Each type of tumor and the place where it is located can give us the key to treat and heal it.

 This identification should be carried out by matching the two bodies, material and psychic. By comparing them, you will discover why the tumor formed and why it appeared in that specific part of the material body. In this way, its source will be revealed and we know that by discovering and working on it, you will be able to eradicate it forever from your lives.

Tumors have always existed. When the volunteers became trapped on the exterior and began to get distorted, genetic mutations caused great damage in the Ayapliano nature. We are amending it through evolution.

Now that the cases are widespread and everybody has access to information through literature and media, you think that issues like homosexuality, tumors and illnesses are emerging full  force. They have always appeared. They have always existed and been combated. They were known by other names but have always been the same.

337. What does it mean when a tumor appears specifically in the brain? What association should we make with the psychic body?

 I know the case of a 7 year-old child...

From a medical point of view, a tumor is produced when the cells are chemically altered. What could chemically alter the cells of a 7-year-old child? It could be acute sensitivity, fear, insecurity, lack of attention and love, dominating parents, feminine environment, unhappiness, rejection of his or her life, imposed obligations, etc.

The psyche reacts in some way to draw your attention. Tumors generally are the response to a subconscious pleading that wants to come out, be expressed, be revealed and it does not dare do so because of the above reasons.

Thought-energies of the being are often restrained, stifled, hidden, covered up, silenced, disguised, masked, feigned, negated, secret and faked. By not being able to express or defend himself or herself, the being, in this case a child, goes on accumulating a mixture of emotions in his or her psyche.

 Since these emotions are not released and are not expressed, to be able to alleviate the emotional pressure, pent-up thought-energies of ire, anger, fear, violence, irritation, indignation and so on, go on forming what in metaphysics is called a knot.

 This knot blocks the energy from flowing through the conduits of the brain. 

Since this accumulated energy does not find an exit, it gets wedged somewhere in the brain.

 It continues being fed by those feelings until the encephalic tissue absorbs it and manifests it as a tumor. If the accrued emotive energy is not very aggressive, it will be classified as a benign tumor; otherwise, it will be a malignant tumor.

When the tumor is benign, the being’s psyche is warning in a language that you have to decipher, that if the source of the problem is not understood, worked on and resolved, the tumor will be manifested again sometime in the future and then it will be malignant.

338. After the age of 40, women lose more calcium than men, with the tendency of developing osteoporosis. How can this loss be prevented? (Peru)

...Men and women on the surface of the planet are still subject to old age, sicknesses and disincarnating. The process of cellular decay and old age is actually manifested after they reach the age of 50. 

Currently humans are running against time, doing everything possible to reverse the process and consequently they are jeopardizing other phases of the evolutionary process.

Medicine should be used to prevent sicknesses from spreading, but you let the sicknesses appear and only then, you start thinking about them, inventing countless medications to combat them. The loss of calcium and cellular deterioration in men and women after a certain age is the natural process of the species that, like any living being, are born, grow, procreate, live and die.

Laboratories, medicine and doctors are working to combat sicknesses and old age. Except that they are not adapting themselves to follow the natural process instead of an artificial one. The medications created to relieve the effects that the physical body experiences are often not adequate. The treatment carried out is often not correct. Each person is an individual case and should be treated as such.

Therefore, deeper analyses should be carried out. Medicine and treatment should be in accord with the chemical outcome that each being needs. Today, the more awakened beings are seeking alternative treatments and medicine adapted to their nature, nutrition and beliefs, with less radical methods and medical procedures.

Debilitation is inevitable. 

Through a healthy, fruitful, positive, dynamic and active life, you could acquire the following benefits:

prolonging of your life and decrease of the effects of the aging process, thus enabling you to live old age with dignity and with full use of all your faculties.

339. What is the Holy Grail and what mystery does it veil? (Peru)

...Grail. According to the books of medieval knighthood, this cup was used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper to institute the sacrament of Eucharist. Its origin is uncertain. This word grail comes from others...

Gres. Ceramic paste of plastic clay that contains quartz, and is used to manufacture objects, which baked at very high temperatures become resistant, waterproof and withstands heat very well. Comes from the French Grès (sandstone). 

Grey. Herd, flock or cattle. The shepherd gathered his flock. Group of Christian followers, gathered under the leadership of a priest. Comes from Latin Grex (flock).

The Egyptians knew about the ceramic paste grès(stoneware). The knowledge and manufacturing of this ceramic was handed down by Lemuria and Atlantis. They used it because it had properties to preserve food for long periods and also for mummification. The deceased were buried in this clay and then mummified.

The Egyptian priests used this ceramic for their sacred ceremonies and considered it divine.

Vases and instruments used in their ceremonies were made with this clay. They knew the properties of quartz and used it for the passage and journey of the souls of the dead. Through the quartz, the souls would be able to reach paradise faster. They were sure that quartz functioned as a communicator between the two realities – the worlds of the living and of the dead....

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 ...this, will continue tomorrow...
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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it ... study it ... ...let go of old ideas and lessons the new  .

Being ONE

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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .

" I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you're sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. "


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.

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