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The Being ONE

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Sin Conocimiento,  no vivo

Sin entendimiento,  no existo

sin amor incondicional,  no Soy 

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 The BEing ONE


Without knowledge , I do not live

 Without understanding, I do not exist 

without unconditional love , I am NOT

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The Being ONE II
PLANET 3.3.3.

Book 2

Document Transcript

Two . INTERNATIONAL DATA MAPPING IN SÃO PAULO , BRAZIL RELEASE . NO COPYRIGHT . REGISTRATION : 314,912 | LIVRO : 575 | FOLHA : 72 Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . Book originally published by the author and Canal : Franca Rosa Canon Schramm . All rights in the text , including external and internal drawings are reserved for exclusive use by the author . No part of this book may be REPRODUCED , ALTERED, OR USED EDITED form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording , Internet , television , cinema or storage system database, without written permission of the author except in cases of short stretches cited in critical reviews or articles from magazines, newspapers or any media . The reproduction, change, alteration or misuse of the contents of this book and drawings shall be subject to prosecution , protected by the copyright law . BE THE ONE I - The Arcane of Thoth. BEING ONE II - Metro 333 - Tera Guardians . We inform all people of good will who BEING ONE is not linked with people who can use the name of the author and the same , holding conferences , groups, selling prints , videos , advertising and charging for their services or asking for donations on behalf of this knowledge. The canal does also know , that it has no responsibility to those that transmit and interpret knowledge BEING ONE in their own way , guided or not based on the original writings that are in your text. BEING ONE is a FREE knowledge , not any events coalesced to gain money or any other type by another , which could be used to their advantage. 2

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390. Is it true that there are secret bases in the USA that work together with
extraterrestrial beings? If so, who are those extraterrestrials? What is Area 51? (Brazil)

...Yes, it is true that there are secret bases in some countries, but they DO NOT work with extraterrestrials. What happened is that the military have captured some intra-terrestrials and their spacecraft. Since these do not have human features, they insist on saying that they are extraterrestrials that came from space and other constellations. We will tell the real story because, as always happen in the external reality, most of the facts are distorted.

Ever since we, the volunteers, arrived 600 million years ago, Tera and its
external and inner inhabitants (our descendants), have evolved and adapted to harmful conditions, having to endure the development, changes and genetic alterations that each one had to undergo.

We have to take into account that in 600 million years, the changes, transformations and modifications occurring in the genes of those Ayaplianos who went out to the surface represent quantum leaps in the Ayapliano-human species. This evolutionary process of species has taken place only and exclusively in all those Ayaplianos who arrived on this planet, became distorted and modified their genes to the extent that they created a new Ayapliano-man-species. In the course of the distortion, they became species with marked differences, which depended on many accentuated factors that defined them in their evolution.

 If we compare an intra-terrestrial of level 5 with another of level 2, we would not recognize them. If we compare you with the intra-
terrestrials in general ... there is a difference. So you would say that they are extraterrestrials because they are not you, nor are us.

Remember that we, the volunteers, came from four planets. We were four Ayapliano species that had already become adapted and transformed in our planets of origin. We all had characteristics that differentiated us, but throughout that genetic adaptation of the species, the man-form has prevailed and it has never become deformed or ceased to exist.

Something similar happened with you and the intra-terrestrials. Since they lived in deep caverns of the planet, nourished themselves with artificial light, through evolution acquired elements that do not exist in the exterior DNA, they evidently had to become transformed into beings who were different to you. 

We want to tell you with accuracy and truth that... : Planet Tera does not receive extraterrestrial visits of beings or spacecraft. The spacecraft that you see in the sky, the ones seized by the military, the beings in Area 51 that are frozen for study – all of them are intra-terrestrials that came out of the level 4 Inner-Earth City. They belong to the Inner-Earth City that is located beneath Australia.

 They are called the Reptilian-Grays,

because their skin is whitish, their body short, with long arms and legs, hairless and with big black slanted eyes. 

We know from previous explanations that levels one and two are occupied by the creatures. 

Our descendants, the intra-terrestrials, developed as of level three. 

The Grays

These are our descendants.

 Of the 576 volunteers who remained trapped on the exterior, they are the ones who went to live in the deepest caverns of Tera.

 Frightened with the distortion, they penetrated the caverns of Antarctica where they founded their inner city and never again went out.

 While they kept their lucidity, they worked hard to avoid becoming affected by the sickness of distortion like the ones who had remained on the surface.

 In spite of all their efforts, they could not hold back the sickness, but they were able to retard it to a certain point until it ceased.

The expansion of the distortion deformed the beautiful structure of their matter and psyche.

They stopped being Ayaplianos to become amorphous, indefinite, anomalous, apathetic and imperfect beings.

 The distortion went as far as transforming their brains, making their vision and perception of their reality follow a line of knowledge and understanding that was merely material and for the pleasure of their external senses. They have no imagination. Their movements are entirely regulated by instinct and sensation. Their brains work through correlated images that develop for their subsistence.

They are short, from 70 centimeters to a meter tall. They have very white and slightly transparent skin, enormous black eyes and tiny nose and mouth, long arms and fingers and no hair. They were held back in evolution and elevation and since they were kept apart from any traces of evolution, they remained very backward, forgotten, exiled and confined to their own luck. These are called the petrified ones.

Today you are the ones who will recover them.

 Through you, they will have the opportunity to return. This is the only way we will attain the unification and linkage of the thought-energies.

These grays have never left their reality.

 They do not know any life apart from their own.

 They live without having the slightest idea of their surroundings or the existence of other beings around them. 

The Reptilian Grays

...These belong to the fourth level and their inner city is very close to Australia.

 Like the others, these beings also fled to deep caverns but, unlike them, they got used to going in and out from the interior to the exterior. This helped them cope with the distortion because they were able to nourish themselves and breathe the calorific energy of the sun.

 Although the distortion also attacked them, they kept their knowledge intact; however, they lost the understanding of elevation.

 By retaining their knowledge, their science and technology are very advanced and they can enter and exit the planet in their spacecraft.

When they entered the caverns they came across the creatures. In attempting to study them, they got contaminated with the thought-energies of Satien that were amalgamated in the fragment.

 At that time, petroleum began to flow, contaminating everything along its way.

 When they became infected with the thought-energies of Satien, their thoughts got mixed with those of Satien.

 Thus, their minds got confused and, like Satien, they became sick with greed and ambition.

They are short, scaly-skinned and darker than the others.

 They have a big head, with two bulges on their forehead.

 Their ears, nose and mouth are very small.

 They have large slanted clear eyes with oblique pupils, long fingers and no hair.

 They are highly intelligent and have advanced technology.

These Reptilian-Grays are the ones who kidnap animals and human beings to carry out experiments because they want to know absolutely everything about the exterior.

 They have the stigma of Satien running through their blood.

 They are sick with ambition and like Luzbel and Lucifer, they want to rule the planet.

 They cannot live long in the atmosphere of the exterior, if they attempted to do so it would kill them.

We, the volunteers, know all their steps and we have them totally under control.

 We do not allow them to communicate with the governments of the exterior; they are strictly forbidden to do so. 

Even though they try, they cannot because they do not have the means.

 Even with all their science and technology, they are unable to communicate with you.

 They do not understand you and you understand them even less.

 Some beings of the exterior have seen them and of course, for them, these Reptilian-Grays are extraterrestrials.

The Seramitas = SER-RA-MITHRAS

These intra-terrestrial Seramitas later on will become the Semites.

 They did not flee to the deep caverns, but started their history living in a cavern very close to Greenland.

 From them comes the entire history of the planet and of all that you know. This is the beginning of the west and the east, of Adam and Eve and of the first inhabitants that populated the Earth.

You carry the seed of the Seramitas.

 Ra and Vis Mor came from them.

 They are the ones who transmit the knowledge of universal reality.

 They are up to 2 meters tall, with large clear eyes, smooth white skin, rather long arms and fingers, blond hair and strong bodies.

 They have the science, technology and universal knowledge from their origins, the Pleiades (Orion).

They are very similar to you.

 This is why they can intermix and procreate with women of the exterior. Even though they look like you, they have certain differences that characterize them. 

They live longer, their children are born with special gifts, and they have global vision and transmit knowledge that does not belong to Earth.

They talk about inner cities and the mysteries of the universe. They are the engineers who built the great external pyramids, which were adjoined to the inner solar disc and the six-pointed star. 

Their descendants are great philosophers, mathematicians and astronomers.

 They also founded important cities like Lemuria and Atlantis, and later on, Mesopotamia and Egypt. 

Among their descendants were the great Seramita intra-terrestrials who became kings and pharaohs and who still go on bequeathing to their lineage the essence of universal knowledge. 

In all times they transmitted cosmic knowledge and its origins and will go on radiating it. They will choose the most elevated beings on the exterior and make them messengers who will be entrusted with disseminating the universal teachings. Throughout all their reincarnations, messengers have never forgotten their origins and life after life, reincarnation after reincarnation, they will go on diffusing and transmitting the knowledge with sacrifice, struggling against ignorance.

Through their teachings, the Seramitas have given humans on the surface the opportunity to return to their origins. They showed them the path of return, recovering them from distortion.

Seramitas have their science, technology and elevation of their thought-energies intact; their ancestral heritage remains safe.

They travel in huge interplanetary spacecraft.

 They do not intervene directly in the development of the planets or their inhabitants. They only intercede in serious cases and do so with the strict permission of the Confederation of Planets....

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 ...this, will continue tomorrow...
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PLANET 3.3.3.

Ser Uno, Guardianes de Tera,Planeta3.3.3. 

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 . Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.


Meditate on it, review it ... study it ... ...let go of old ideas and lessons the new  .

The Being ONE

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What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.


 Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .

" I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you're sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. "


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.

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