153- Satien, vampirized, Desire, BROTHERS AND SONS:, -The Being One III, -The SERAMITAS, -THE Path BACK, - Book 3, -2018,

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 “Your perception will become clear only when you can look into your soul.”

Carl Jung
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The Being One
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Sin Conocimiento, no vivo...
Sin entendimiento, no existo...
sin amor incondicional, no Soy...
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The BEing ONE
Without knowledge  I do not live...
Without understanding, I do not exist...
without unconditional love, I am NOT...
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-The Being One III,
- Book 3,
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The Way Back
The Road Back
The Path Back
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... resumen...
and often disturbed the rhythm of his thoughts. 

The thoughts
they entered altered states, chemically mixing inadequately.

As time passed, the altered state of thoughts could no longer produce Ideas and fewer thoughts of their own; they did not break down, analyze or discern, then they began to vampirize. 

The thought-energies jumped from brain to brain, and each time they did so, they multiplied into horrendous creatures of ignominy and ignorance. 

Thoughts had no continuity or correlation; the beings of Satien began to imitate each other, because they had no ideas or thoughts of their own.

The feelings became endless thought-energies, and these
they were attacked by the ambition virus. 

The beings of Satien became ill from desire; this was the vilest and most predatory of all emotions together.

They wanted and wanted, and each time they did, the thought-energies multiplied.

Desire first became synonyms: thousands of desires and all meant the same; then, in positive antonyms, and finally, they degenerated into negative antonyms. 

The beings of Satien vampirized each other and never again were they the same, the thoughts amalgamated and became one: desire.

 Desire was the first emotion, the first distorted thought-energy that degenerated into thousands of emotions, which over time were divided into healthy negative and positive negatives.

The creative desire is called: Love. 

The procreative desire is called: Ambition ...

Desire was the first emotion that was created, and from it came everything you know.
172. Why was desire the first distorted emotion?

...The planet Satien was the first colonization and experience that the Ayaplianos
of the Regular Dimension performed. 

The planet was chosen 
by the Dimension
Regular to colonize it and thus be able to begin the immense task of going
descending little by little the degrees, planes and dimensions of the Universe. 

tHe Planet Satién offered them, by their location and characteristics, everything that They were looking to descend and begin the first colonization. 

We have to remember that the Regular Dimension is the Ayapliana species that is closest to the higher dimensions. 

They, being close to the beings of light, are very different from you; they, with only the creative desire, realize the creativity of the  ideas.

His desire is love, and from this pure feeling, create the most wonderful thoughts we can imagine.

When they descended and colonized the planet Satien, the same thing happened like to you: they began to distort. 

At first they created the thoughts with knowledge, understanding and love, but in the course of the distortion they no longer created with the creative desire. 

They started then to create thoughts from the desire, which could be positive or negative.

The disease had arisen, the cancer had manifested, and like all
disease, formed a cancerous tumor that amalgamated the energies
Emotional sick of all the beings of Satien. 

Sick emotions
they kneaded and melted, forming the emotional tumor...

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...153 y frecuencia trastornaban el ritmo de sus pensamientos. Los pensamientos
entraron en estados alterados, mezclándose químicamente de forma inadecuada.

Al transcurrir el tiempo, el estado alterado de los pensamientos ya no podía producir Ideas y menos pensamientos propios; no desglosaban, analizaban o discernían, entonces comenzaron a vampirizarse. 

Las energías-pensamientos saltaban de cerebro en cerebro, y cada vez que lo hacían, se multiplicaban en horrendas criaturas de la ignominia y la ignorancia.

 Los pensamientos no tenían continuidad ni correlación; los seres de Satién comenzaron a imitarse unos a los otros, porque no tenían ideas ni pensamientos propios.

Los sentimientos se convirtieron en un sinfín de energías-pensamientos, y estos
fueron atacados por el virus ambición. Los seres de Satién se enfermaron de desear; esta fue la más vil y depredadora de todas las emociones juntas.

Deseaban y deseaban, y cada vez que lo hacían, las energías-pensamientos se multiplicaban.

El deseo se convirtió primero en los sinónimos: miles de deseos y todos significaban lo mismo; después, en los antónimos positivos, y por último, degeneraron en los antónimos negativos. Los seres de Satién se vampirizaron unos a los otros y nunca más volvieron a ser los mismos, los pensamientos se amalgamaron y se convirtieron en uno solo: desear. El deseo fue la primera emoción, la primera energía-pensamiento distorsionada que degeneró en miles de emociones, que con el tiempo se dividieron en negativas enfermas y positivas sanas.

El deseo creador se llama: Amor. El deseo procreador se llama: Ambición...

El deseo fue la primera emoción que se creó, y a partir de él surgió todo lo que ustedes conocen.

172. ¿Por qué el deseo fue la primera emoción distorsionada?

El planeta Satién fue la primera colonización y experiencia que los Ayaplianos
de la Dimensión Regular realizaron. El planeta fue escogido por la Dimensión
Regular para colonizarlo y así poder comenzar la inmensa tarea de ir
descendiendo poco a poco los grados, planos y dimensiones del Universo. El
planeta Satién les ofreció, por su ubicación y características, todo lo que ellos
buscaban para poder descender y comenzar la primera colonización. Tenemos
que recordar que la Dimensión Regular son la especie Ayapliana que más cerca se encuentra de las dimensiones superiores. Ellos, al estar cerca de los seres de luz, son muy diferentes de ustedes; ellos, con solo el deseo creador, realizan la creatividad de las ideas.

Su deseo es amor, y a partir de este sentimiento puro, crean los más maravillosos pensamientos que podamos imaginar.

Cuando descendieron y colonizaron el planeta Satién, les sucedió lo mismo que a ustedes: comenzaron a distorsionarse. Al principio creaban los pensamientos con conocimiento, entendimiento y amor, pero en el transcurso de la distorsión ya no creaban con el deseo creador. Empezaron entonces aprocrear pensamientos a partir del deseo, que podía ser positivo o negativo.

La enfermedad había surgido, el cáncer se había manifestado, y como toda
enfermedad, formó un tumor canceroso que amalgamó las energías
154 emocionales enfermas de todos los seres de Satién. Las emociones enfermas
se amasaron y fundieron, formando el tumor emocional.

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. Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.

Meditate on it, review it ... study it ... ...let go of old ideas and lessons ...study the new .

Being ONE

^ ^ ^
What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.

Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .
" I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you're sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. "


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.
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El Ser Uno
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